Ideal meals for healthy weight loss

From the moment of wanting to lose weight, the majority of people think that they must eat less. So they begin to deprive themselves of certain foods that they consider to be “fattening” and most times are the foods that they “love the most”.

But is it really worth starving yourself and avoiding everything you love? The truth is if you eat less, you will lose weight because of the lack of nutrients and calories consumed. But this isn’t a healthy way of losing weight, since you will have a deficit of essential nutrients that are needed for normal bodily functions. Also, this type of diet tends to have a “rebound effect”, as consuming fewer calories day-after-day is difficult to maintain for a long period of time. It can occur at anytime excessive anxiety for such a low-calorie diet, but not changing our eating habits, we fall back into old habits and gain all the weight back or more.

However, there are healthy ways for reaching the correct weight for our body type and it all begins with learning what foods to put on our plate before eating.

The ideal meal should include:

One-forth of the plate should be proteins: Being low-fat cuts of beef, chicken, pork, etc. They can be replaced with eggs or cheese. Proteins have the same functions as bricks do while building a house. They are necessary providing energy and regenerating your body’s tissue; besides this proteins allow you to feel fuller longer. This is ideal for those that often feel hungry, as protein will help them feel full longer.

healthy meals

One-forth of the plate should be carbohydrates: We could use grains such as brown or white rice, pasta, polenta, gnocchi, stuffed pasta like raviolis or tortellini, etc. Also you could use starchy vegetables like yucca, potatoes, yams or beans such as lentils, garbanzos or other types of beans, etc.

These items offer us needed energy for our normal bodily functions and all of the other activities that we perform daily, for this reason it is important that we eat them daily but in a moderate portion. One of the biggest mistakes many make when trying to lose weight fast is removing carbohydrates from their diet. This can cause internal damage to our muscles and brain. It also creates: anxiety, weakness, irritability and causes muscle loss, not fat, as many have come to believe.

Half of the plate should be fibers: Using different types and colored vegetables, leaving their leaves and flesh. It is preferable that you serve then in salads, either raw or cooked. Vegetables provide the needed dietary fiber. Since they are bulky in volume and low calories, they can leave you feeling full for a long period of time. At the same time, providing many vitamins and minerals that are favored by the intestinal tract, helping to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides, improving glucose levels and so much more.

If you desire to add fats to your plate you can use vegetable oils such as olive, sunflower, canola, etc. as a salad dressing, but as with everything, in moderation.

By following these simple guidelines we can make our ideal meal. But be careful to avoid making huge portions that add more calories. By following these guidelines for serving meals we will ensure that we are receiving the essential nutrients for good health.

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