Green tea – Why you should consider drinking it daily

Green tea has become quite a popular tea, making it easy for us to drink, and green tea also offers us a long list of excellent health benefits.

Green tea contains large amounts of antioxidants. It also contains other nutrients such as anthocyanin and flavonoids, making green tea to be your ideal ally in fighting against aging skin. These nutrients also aid in improving circulation, helping to prevent hardening of the artery walls and by doing this preventing deterioration of your body’s structure. Many studies have proven that these nutrients can help combat cancer.

It also helps to reduce cholesterol. The natural antioxidants found in this tea have been found to contribute in the reduction of cholesterol in the blood, helping to prevent many types of cardiovascular diseases.

It contains no calories, as do most teas. It also can help us while trying to lose weight, as it helps to lower our anxiety levels. We can drink it between meals, hot or cold, of course without adding sugar, to avoid the extra calories.

green tea

Many studies have proven that green tea increases our energy use, meaning an accelerated metabolic rate, which helps to burn unwanted fat. However, this fact hasn’t been completely scientifically proven yet.

It contains many vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B complex, vitamin C, manganese, potassium and more, but in smaller amounts. The can help with the overall intake of these needed nutrients but still the best source for them is a simple piece of fruit.

Green tea antioxidants can also boost our immune system by helping to fight against certain bacteria and virus.

On of the important features that we should recall, is if we desire adequate hydration, we still need to drink sufficient water, as teas do not replace water.

We can drink green tea either hot or cold. It is recommended for an average person to drink between 2 to 3 cups a day, but this figure does vary, depending on the person and their preferences.

There have been isolated cases that ingesting this tea has caused gastritis or liver problems in some people, but these have been very rare. Moreover, these issues are less than other products such as coffee, yerba mate and even back tea and most people find they can drink green tea with no problem. If we have any doubts or concerns, we should always consult with our medical doctor to avoid any complications.

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